File a Claim

To File a Claim After Hours:  (If Assistance is needed right away)

Agency Insurance Company (AIC):          1-800-841-5241  (available from 8:30A – 5P)

Allegany Insurance/Conemaugh Valley Insurance:          1-877-346-0300 (Emergency Claims Line)

American Collectors:          1-800-360-2277 (M-F 8:30A – 7P) (Sat & Sun 9A-5P)

Dairyland Insurance:          1-800-334-0090 (24hr)

Farmers and Mechanics:          1-855-725-5642  (24hr)

Foremost Insurance:          1-800-527-3907  (24hr)

Goodville Mutual Casualty Insurance:          1-877-445-5780  (24hr)

Hagerty Insurance Company:          1-800-922-4050 (M-F 8A-8P) (Sat 8:30A-4:30P)(Sun 12p-4P)

Livingston Mutual Insurance Company:          1-855-725-5642  (24hr)

Progressive Insurance:          1-800-274-4499  (24hr)

Reamstown Mutual Insurance Company:          1-717-336-6962  (24hr)

 State Auto Insurance:        1-800-288-4425  (24hr)

Universal Property Insurance Company:          1-800-425-9113  (24hr)

Westfield Insurance Company:          1-866-937-2663  (24hr)

Westfield Glass Claims can be submitted online at:           Westfield Glass Claims Only